F-35 incident at Eglin AFG, Florida

BREAKING | 23 June 2014

Breaking news from United States Naval Institute, or USNI, has appeared on several sources online about a F-35A of the 33rd Fighter Wing having a serious malfunction that caused the aft end of the aircraft to catch fire and damage or possibly total the aircraft.

During an early morning training sortie, the F-35 had a malfunction that caused a fire somewhere in the aft end of the aircraft causing the pilot to abort the takeoff, shut the Lightning II down, and egress safely and quickly without any injury to himself.

Defense officials have stated that there was a recent training exercise for just such a scenario around mid-May.  They also noted that the aircraft was extinguished with the standard aircraft firefighting foam solution.

For more information, check out the USNI’s article by Dave Majumdar and Sam LaGrone here:

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