Cielo Aperto Airshow

Written by Mike L.

When you think of Switzerland, you may think of several things such as: cheese, army knives, or huge mountains.  One thing you certainly don’t arrive at immediately would be airplanes, and why would you?  Switzerland has a long history in aviation and is certainly well-known for its neutrality, but that doesn’t mean that they’re simply a dark, undeveloped, aviation black-hole in the middle of Europe.  In fact, they’ve got an airport that just celebrated it’s 75th anniversary.

Locarno airport in Switzerland, just a short distance north of Milan, Italy, put on an airshow from May 31st to June 1st showcasing some beautiful and historic aircraft from WWII.

To see more photos and read about the types of aircraft that were there, please visit Warbirds News at this link:


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