ISIL Pushed out of Kobani

SOUTHWEST ASIA – Following the defeat of ISIL within the town of Kobani, military airstrikes in the vicinity of the Syrian town of Kobani continue to support the efforts of Kurdish forces to push ISIL from the surrounding areas. The airstrikes targeted ISIL positions and equipment, enabling the Kurdish ground forces to enhance the town’s defenses, prevent ISIL from attacking and to extend security in the areas around Kobani.

Since airstrikes started Aug. 8, 2014, there have been over 700 strikes in and around the Kobani area. In that time, airstrikes in support of Kurdish ground forces have destroyed over 280 ISIL fighting positions, nearly 100 ISIL buildings, more than 60 technical vehicles, almost a dozen tanks, multiple weapon systems and other military equipment.

Kurdish forces continue to expand their positions to surrounding areas outside of Kobani by seizing key terrain and access routes. Kurdish forces on the ground, supported by aviation fires, forced ISIL from their Kobani stronghold Jan. 27, 2015.

“Kurdish ground forces, supported by our air component, were successful in retaking the town of Kobani, which again shows the emptiness of Daesh’s claims of invincibility.” Lt. Gen. James Terry, CJTF-OIR commander. “The coalition will continue to attack Daesh anywhere they present themselves.”

The following links go to video footage of airstrikes that were conducted in and around Kobani, Syria.

Oct. 21, 2014 – airstrike on ISIL VBIED near Kobani

Sept. 27, 2014 – airstrike on ISIL compound near Kobani

These strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the ISIL terrorist group and the threat they pose to the region and the wider international community. The destruction of ISIL targets in Syria further limits the terrorist group’s ability to project terror and conduct operations. Coalition nations conducting airstrikes in Syria include the U.S., Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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