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What is The Warfighter Journal?

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The Warfighter Journal is both a primary and secondary source of well-researched, fact-checked, peer-reviewed, and fully referenced information, that provides real analysis to the public from a warfighter perspective.

What do we do?

Think of us as both a classroom and an open forum for well-considered debate and education.

The Warfighter Journal is an online platform dedicated to hosting the work of researchers/writers so that we can bring you real analysis direct from reputable primary and secondary sources in order to educate and inform, drive critical thinking, and guide personal and professional development.

Our writers thoroughly research their subjects to provide you with factual, well-researched, well-written information, and we assure you are provided with all citations to the primary and secondary references used in each article, so you know exactly where the analysis came from.

Why do we do it?

The internet today is filled to the hilt with false information, bad or purposely misleading information, and biased opinion perpetrated as “truth” and “fact” by a growing number junk-media and article-mill websites, and even a biased, agenda-driven main-stream media. Even worse is an ever-growing audience, largely driven by emotion, who is more concerned with feeding their biases than learning about and understanding the topics they are often discussing. This is dangerous because more than ever before the internet has allowed for the rapid growth and spreading of bad information through social-media sharing which is in turn developing an anti-intellectual society increasingly filled with ignorance.

The Warfighter Journal exists to combat these growing modern-day trends by providing real information, and further by providing all resource references, so you know exactly where the information came from and how the analysis developed.

To accomplish this, The Warfighter Journal employs a staff of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) (Veterans and highly experienced civilian Professionals), and hosts the work of a continuously growing number of SME contributors, to research, fact-check, write, edit, and review all subjects.

Additionally, The Warfighter Journal actively seeks contributions for publication from our community. These contributed articles are subject to the exact same standards as our staff, and all contributors retain full credit for their work.

Our mission is to facilitate the connection between real facts and the public, to drive active engagement across the community through open conversation and critical thinking, and to help educate, inform, motivate, and inspire others towards purposeful self-betterment.

We’re Independent, Community and User-Driven, and Ad-Free

The Warfighter Journal is ad free, we prefer to keep biased “special interests” away, and we focus on driving active user engagement while fostering the continuous growth of our community.

We are real people who work hard to research, write, review, and provide you with factual information from credible sources. We want to share the information we provide with the world in order to better society and combat anti-intellectualism, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure everything we provide is factual. Therefore, since we’re an independent, privately owned, veteran owned organization, we ask you to have patience with us when it comes to publishing new articles.

Finally, we hate internet ads, and we are not a click-bait, article-mill website. We’re not interested in driving site traffic to feed ad-based revenues either. And besides, ads don’t help anyone. They don’t improve our website or our user experience, so you won’t find them cluttering up space here.


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