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Rise of the Warrior Class

What does the current state of the Warrior Class look like? To be sure, there are a few dynamics that impact both perspective and analysis at the individual, social, and cultural levels. The ever-present negatives and the...


Return of the Warrior Class

The onset of trench warfare defines the decline of warrior culture in modern history. The concept of taking vast amounts of a population, putting them in uniform and handing them a rifle, defeats the nobility of combat that...


Who Needs Armor Anymore?

This coming March (2016) will be the final farewell of Charlie Company, 2nd Tanks, USMC. The ceremony will be a door closed in a long line of similar events. Charlie Company will be missed by the tanker community at large, but...

Interest Veterans Network

Are You a Hoplite?

What is a hoplite? In a general sense, it is a heavy infantry soldier from ancient Greek history. The term is used today in Greece in a military sense as well, but we will look at the ancient variation. The ancient Greek...


10 Types of Veterans

Unknown to the outside world, there is a plethora of types of veterans. It isn’t as dry as combat veteran versus veteran in analysis. No, there are at least 10 variations of usual suspects. Ask any veteran and they can readily...


Suicide by the Numbers

Veteran groups and supporters have been banding together to show the populace the numbers of veteran suicide, and they are picking up momentum.  Mainstream media has made some attempts to shed light on the subject, but the...