Are you a current Service Member, Veteran, OR Civilian Professional with years of experience in your field? Are you a Subject Matter Expert, and/or do you know solid resources to find information? Are you interested in sharing what you know?

The Warfighter Journal is always seeking Veterans and Civilian Professionals who want to contribute and have a passion for teaching, coaching, guiding, mentorship, and writing to share their knowledge and experience. If you are interested in contributing to The Warfighter Journal and helping others grow by sharing your knowledge and experience, please review the following information carefully before sending your information in.

What we look for:

We seek out individuals who are proficient in the English language (Speak, Read, and Write) to an acceptable level, who have effective communication skills, who are willing to learn and share their knowledge, who are highly self-motivated, creative and resourceful, and who enjoy writing, research, and education.

See! That’s easy stuff, Right?

What to expect:

The Warfighter Journal is a performance-based organization, and that means our writers and staff often work independently, have strong work ethics, and understand personal responsibility, accountability, and integrity.

We don’t hand out writing assignments here, but we do ask that our contributors and staff writers/editors take the initiative to produce at least:

  • (1) analysis article per month in their field of knowledge/expertise,

and we request that they produce at least

  • (1) additional article of any kind per month as well (optional and if able).

Furthermore, we do have rules and strict writing standards that all must follow in order for the Journal to maintain its standards and credibility.

If you decide to apply, you will receive a notification email within 72 hours acknowledging receipt of your application and a request to contact.

We will expect a resume from all applicants (Resumes must include full name, address, phone number, email, education history, and work experience).

If you are a current service member or veteran, we will also expect proof of status.

NOTE: All applications will be checked and reviewed carefully.

Who may apply:

We accept applications from current military service members or Veterans of honorable service (from either a NATO/OTAN or Allied nation), and civilian professionals who have a genuine interest in writing to both educate and inform, who share our vision and mission goals, and who are serious about seeing the organization, and the community, grow and succeed.

NOTE: Understanding of basic journalistic and academic ethical standards of research, writing and reporting, and familiarity with APA formatting and/or AP Style Guide standards for writing is also a big bonus!

The Warfighter Journal needs BOTH Analysis and Bulletin contributors, and we invite you to send in your application today.

The Warfighter Journal is seeking motivated individuals to contribute for the following categories:

  • Analysis Articles:
    – Leadership
    – Operations
    – Policy
    – History
    – Technology
    – Medicine
    – Training
    – Intelligence
  • Bulletin Articles:
    – The Vetrepreneur
    – Interest
    – Opinion
    – Travel
    – SitRep (News/Current Events)
    – Veteran Specific Information, Articles, and News

We need contributors for each of these categories, and the more the better! As such, we invite you to apply today.


At this time, The Warfighter Journal is still very small and Contributor positions are non-paid positions. However, there are a few benefits that we hope will not turn you away.

  1. All work will remain your own. You wrote it, you will stand by it and take full credit for it.
  2. All staff and contributors are granted full access to the entire Journal free of charge.
  3. Contributors are given first pick of new staff (paid) positions as they become available.

Anyone interested in joining The Warfighter Journal may send an email to:

To apply for a position with The Warfighter Journal,
follow these instructions for your email:


– Subject line must be typed as:

“Application for: Last Name, First Name, Mi.”

– Follow this format for your email message:

  1. Type your Introduction and Cover Letter into the body of the email message
    1. Include ALL contact information (working phone, full address, email, etc.)
  2. Tell us a little more about yourself and why you want to work with our team
    1. We really want to get to know who you are, your interests, your area(s) of expertise, and more
  3. Make sure your email includes a professional-style signature


  1. Attach your resume (PDF format ONLY)
    1. NOTE: If you maintain a completed and up-to-date LinkedIn profile, you many use it to fulfill resume requirements provided it is publicly viewable (completed means that you have a profile image, and all resume information is filled out, to include – name, contact information, date of birth, professional history, education history, etc.). Simply include a link to your LinkedIn profile at the end of your email message, but prior to your email signature.
  2. Attach a professional photo of yourself (.jpg, .jpeg, or .png formats ONLY)
    1. For civilian professionals – please use send a photo of yourself in reasonable civilian attire
    2. For current service members or veterans – please send a photo of yourself either in uniform, in dress uniform, or in reasonable civilian attire
    3. Photos that include anything inappropriate will not be accepted


For Current Service Members and Veterans ONLY:

  • Attach proof of status documentation (something to verify you are indeed a current service member or real veteran of military service.


By submitting information to The Warfighter Journal for application purposes, you hereby certify that all provided information is accurate, truthful and honest. You fully understand that if any information is found to be false, that it constitutes an immediate disqualification. You agree to acceptance of these terms of use for the application process.

File names for all attachments must be labeled in a clear and concise manner. This is a requirement for identification purposes of the files. Your Resume should be labeled with your name and document type (ex. Last Name_First Name_Mi_RESUME). Your Professional Photos should be labeled with your name (ex. Last Name_First Name_Mi). Attached files that are not labeled clearly, or that contain additional, unnecessary characters (ex. Last Name_RESUME290983572058…) will not be accepted.

All Resumes/CV’s should include the following:

Your full name, contact information, date of birth, nation of birth, education history, professional history, and 2 to 3 professional references.

NOTE 4: Helpful Resume/CV Advice:
There is no standard format for Resumes/CV’s, however, information should be clear and concise. Resumes/CV’s are meant to be a professional, clear overview of your formal education, training and experience. As such, they should stick to the “Facts”. Resumes/CV’s that read as more of an “Advertisement” for the individuals personal projects, agendas, company, or affiliations, and/or to which come across to the reader as making those facts appear as something more than they really are (“fluff” or “embellishment”) do not make the best impression. Instead, they come across as arrogant, self-centered, entitled, or with alternative motives. To receive the highest consideration and make the best impression, simply stick to the facts. Your resume/CV should be clear and concise, it should tell the person reading it your factual history, and nothing more.

Failure to follow instructions, or provide required information may result in application dismissal. Remember, The Warfighter Journal accepts applications from ALL NATO/OTAN and Allied nations, however, ALL applications must be in English. Emails that contain attachments of any format other than those specified, attached files which are not clearly named, and to which may be suspected of containing virus, tracking, bots, or other meta or malicious code, will result in the immediate deletion of the entire email without notification to the submitter.

Veterans of Honorable Service (including service members currently still actively serving), shall be given hiring preference for all positions. We understand that not all Veterans who apply may be experienced in media production, however, if a Veteran of honorable service from any NATO or Allied nation is looking to work for The Journal, is fluent in English, and has a passion for writing and/or photography, we looking for them. All Veterans who are found to be competitive during both the initial and final application review process shall be given preference. All Veterans who are hired for a position within the company, but who may be lacking in specific areas important to certain aspects of the job, shall receive training appropriate for the position.

Military Service Members currently serving in the Active, Reserve, and Guard components of their respective nations, and/or including those still under contractual obligations, must still adhere to and obey all laws and regulatory requirements of their services therein. This means that while you are still authorized to work for The Warfighter Journal, you must also abide by special provisions covering the use and dissemination of information. Be advised that you are not authorized to disclose information deemed of a sensitive nature – to include all current, projected, and past operations – and The Journal will not authorize content generation from unauthorized sources.

The Warfighter Journal is a dedicated information service that deals with the very broad “Military” base. This means that the service has nearly unlimited aspects for which to explore. That being said, all employees are still subject to the confines of requirements for the protection of sensitive information. Information provided to The Warfighter Journal that could potentially jeopardize the security of current or projected operations, or the safety and lives of our allies currently in service, shall not be disseminated. Information which contains potentially sensitive material shall be reviewed and redacted IAW policy to provide for those protections. While the service aims to provide the community with the most important, up-to-date, and relevant information possible, The Journal does comply with legal requirements that provide for such protections.