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The staff and contributors of The Warfighter Journal are professionals and subject-matter experts in their fields. They come from all walks of life, many have highly multifaceted and diverse backgrounds and professional portfolios, and each maintain their own unique points of view on a large variety of topics. However, they all have a few things in common – an internalized will to succeed, a thirst for new knowledge, continuing education, and never-ending personal growth. They are self-motivated, passionate about what they write about, and each have a desire to share their depth of knowledge with you in a relevant, factual, well-researched, and well-written way.

Each staff member, writer, and contributor’s works are their own. They each retain full credit for their work, and the Journal only acts as the platform that provides our subscribers and the general audience access to their work.

If you are a current service member, veteran, or civilian professional interested in contributing to The Warfighter Journal, please visit our Recruitment Page for more information.

SSG AJ Powell (USA, Ret.)AJ Powell
Founder / Editor in Chief

AJ is a retired U.S. Army NCO who served in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army. He is a combat veteran, and has participated in contingency operations around the world. AJ is the Owner of Veteran Leadership Solutions, the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Warfighter Journal, and is a published Sociological Analyst, Researcher, Guest Lecturer, and Public Speaker. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a focus on Sociology and a science degree in Organizational Leadership, and is published in the field of sociology. AJ is an inductive analyst; public figure; researcher/writer; aviator; a certified advanced operational diver; professional instructor, trainer, mentor, and adviser; snowboarder; motorcycle rider; world traveler; he enjoys long distance endurance events, and much more.

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flightJeremy Rawls
Editor / Writer

Jeremy is a former active duty Marine with two combat tours in Iraq. He was part of the invasion in 2003 and later returned for the take down of Fallujah. After leaving the Corps, he worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security with two contracts in Afghanistan. Jeremy is currently a teacher and freelance writer.

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