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Commenting Policy

The Warfighter Journal provides legitimate military related news, media, and information reports, and perspective analysis on related topics. Our company is comprised of past and present members of military forces, and experienced media professionals from around the world. Our community includes active and Veteran service members from many different nations, as well as policy makers, educators, researchers, parents, and the general public… so we do our best to provide a balanced perspective.

Because we hold our community and visitors in very high personal regards, we put a lot of effort into providing valuable information to each of you, and we work very hard to make this company and this site the best it can be. We are dedicated to our community and to maintaining a respectful, engaging and informative commenting and active engagement system for your benefit.

We want you to understand our general guidelines for system use so you can get the most out of our community. We want you to know that we will enforce our guidelines 24/7 with staff review, community moderators and moderation tools. We reserve the right to update this policy at any time, and we ask that you follow our guidelines to help us make this the best military news, media, and information resource available anywhere.

Feel free to contact us to discuss this, or any Journal matter, at any time.

Censorship Notification

We do not censor anything on our site. If it is published here, it has already been through an exhaustive review process, and authorized for publication by our editors. That being said, we know full well that no one is perfect. If any thing on this system is ever found to be inaccurate, it shall be reviewed again and appropriate actions taken upon conclusion of the review process.

Notification of List of Behaviors that will result in Discharge

The Journal promotes a safe, engaging, often professional, and civil commenting environment. We welcome your feedback, ideas, shared stories and histories, and point/counterpoint arguments. We respect opinions and encourage you all to doubt and question everything. We strive to create an engaged critical thinking community, and challenge people to actually think critically about the world around them. We welcome your opinion regardless of identity, politics, ideology, religion or agreement with other community members, as well as our staff, authors, and contributors.

However, we do ask that above all, please remember that respect is a two-way street. If you suddenly decide to get into direct or indirect attacks, name-calling, insults, attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into emotional responses, use false identities, or promote others into similar destructive behaviors, our policy is to offer you a private warning, give you a chance to correct your behavior, and if that doesn’t correct the issue, understand that we will black-list you, and kick you off the site. Please be respectful to each other and our staff, and our policies, and you shall receive the same.

Notification and Explanation of Monitoring

We’ve asked a few members of our community to assist us in moderating comments. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and neither do they. And yes, moderators are moderated as well for the purpose of maintaining integrity.

While we may not subject all of your comments or forum posts to an approval process, understand that all content is monitored. If we find your comments and/or attempted posts in the forum to violate our policies, they will be removed, and you will be subjected to a warning. If that one warning does not fix the issue, understand that you will be black-listed and you will be banned.

Our commenting system allows everyone to moderate comments. You can share, flag, like or reply to a comment. It’s all built into the system. You can also use our contact form to alert us to concerns at any time.

If something you post is flagged, our moderators are going to look at your history. At the same time, we will also look into the individual who has complained. Some people have no tolerance for others, and some people simply cannot lighten up and take a joke. If there is a real problem, rest assured we will make efforts to handle it. This applies to trolls as well. If we find trolls, we do not beat around the bush, and we hate political correctness. We will call it like we see it and take action.

Other than this, we normally leave our community alone and participate in it ourselves as much as possible – when we’re not too busy bringing you new stuff.

Use of Personal Identity or Representation of the True Self

The Warfighter Journal seeks to grow a community full of real individuals – real professionals, real Veterans, real teachers, students, administrators, executives, parents… real people. We would love for everyone to use their real identity within our protected and private community, but we also fully understand that this is not always possible or practical, especially for individuals who are still active within sensitive career fields. Therefore, we ask that you represent yourself as best you can, as a real individual with a legitimate background, honest interest, and sincere desire to engage.

Provision for User Safety and Protections, and No Rank Notification

There shall be no rank, no superiority and no entitlement efforts of any kind here at The Warfighter Journal. We are here to communicate, talk, discuss, share, and engage with others. We want you to feel secure enough to say your piece and ask questions, and we hope that you feel you can expect a sincere answer.

To provide for the protection of Personal Identifying Information (PII) No one should give out their phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, private personally identifying information, or other methods of contact over our system(s). Any comment or post found to contain PII of any kind will immediately be removed once found for the purpose of the provision of protection of both user and company safety and security.

The Journal reserves full legal protections against scams, violations of our policies, and violations of law. The Journal maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy for trolls, multiple identity attempts, threats, hackers, and criminals of any kind.  The Warfighter Journal WILL cooperate with law enforcement agencies worldwide, and for criminals, hereby make notice that the Company shall participate in all levels of action to assist in capture and/or justice (either legal or mortal, makes no difference to us).

Permanent Ban List for Trolls

ALL trolls or habitually disgruntled commenters shall be permanently banned (Black-listed). If you are found to consistently violate our policies (after your private warning) or the positive user experience of our community, your comments shall be removed from our site, your account added to the list, your account canceled and held on permanent file, and no refunds shall be provided, period. You have been warned. Do not expect to come back either. We, and our community, values trust above all things. You violate that, and you’re done.

— —

As for everyone else, which is 99.999% of you, we love having you here! Send us a message anytime and let us know how we’re doing! Tell us what you want us to cover, or what you would like to see more of in the future! We hope to continue to earn your presence each and every day.